In addition to my teaching at Bangor University I facilitate and deliver short specialist courses for postgraduate students and conservation practitioners. Please contact me if you would like me be involved in a course you are developing. Here are three examples of the courses I have developed and delivered.

Research Skills in Ecology – Rajshahi University, Bangladesh
Designing and carrying out research is a core skill needed for a scientific career. I have worked with Rajshahi University to develop a two-week research skills course for MSc students. We focused on developing research questions, experimental design and ecological data collection techniques. After a few days of lectures at Rajshahi University, we travelled to the Sundarbans UNESCO World Heritage site to carry out mini research projects deigned by the students. I was funded by the British Council, through a knowledge exchange project coordinated by Prof. Bidhan at Rajshahi University, in partnership with Bangor University.

When I asked the MSc students why they wore their lab coats in the field, they replied "the outdoors is our laboratory" :-)

When I asked the MSc students why they wore their lab coats in the field, they replied “the outdoors is our laboratory” :-)

Community-based conservation Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Mauritius 

In July 2013 I travelled to the beautiful island of Mauritius to deliver a short course on community-based conservation for the new Postgraduate Internship coordinated by the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. The course was a great success and now runs annually.

The module I taught was designed for ecologists and zoologists that had little experience of social science methods. The course focused on increasing awareness about the importance of including local people in conservation and developing techniques to understand the communities where conservation projects are being carried out.

I'd been wanting to see one of these for years.....a pink pigeon!

I’d been wanting to see one of these for years…..a pink pigeon! Only in Mauritius.












Environmental education research techniques Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanic Garden, China


Brainstorming ideas to explore the reasons why we need environmental education.

In August 2013 and again in August 2014 I worked with the Chinese Union of Botanic Gardens and Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanic Garden to teach a two week course in environmental education research. We had participants from over 20 botanic gardens in China. This course focused on techniques for delivering innovative environmental education and also how to evaluate the success of environmental education programmes.






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