MeI am a Lecturer in Conservation Science at Bangor University where I direct the MSc in Plant Conservation and teach on a variety of undergraduate courses. Have a look at our group page in Bangor. For half the year I am a based in China where I am a researcher at Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanic Garden, Yunnan. These two positions have allowed me to remained based in my beautiful home of North Wales whilst having tropical adventures in South East Asia!


My research interests focus on understanding the interactions between social and ecological systems. In particular, I am interested in the harvesting of natural resources and how to influence human behaviour to encourage sustainable exploitation. I also enjoy exploring the assumptions that environmental education can influence peoples knowledge and perceptions about biodiversity conservation.

I have been involved at Treborth Botanic Garden (Bangor University) for over 10 years in a variety of roles, starting as an undergraduate, then campaigner against it’s closure in 2006, a project manager and now as a lecturer making use of the fantastic facilities for teaching. The Garden is the setting of our new Two Dragons Initiative.


I’ve been reading bits of the The Dao whilst in China and this line has stuck in my mind for the last few weeks. If we could all recognise when we have enough, conservationists would have a lot less work to do! 



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